Facebook Url Change

We will certainly review on this article on Facebook Url Change. And also a tutorial on how you can alter user name of your Facebook account.  

Facebook Url Change

Facebook Url Change

1. Open the Facebook account i.e log into your Facebook account.

2. After that on the ideal leading corner you will certainly have a down arrowhead button and click that any you will have a Drop down Menu. There you could find the SETTINGS in the Menu.

3. Open the Settings Tab and also you will sent out to the "General Account Settings Page". In that Page you will certainly have the Username.

4. You could locate the EDIT option. Click the Edit option and you could start altering the FB username.

5. Click on the Save button and Your Username is transformed

Facebook Account Username alter Information:

The Facebook account customer name can be changed conveniently, yet bear in mind that the user name of the account should have the mandatory first name and also Last name There can not be a solitary name i.e there should be the two words in the Facebook user name.

Conclusion: (Adjustment Facebook username)

We can alter the Facebook username conveniently with the above process. This is the method we can also change the Facebook password.

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