Change Email Address Instagram

Change Email Address Instagram: I’ve been on for a while and have seen several questions asked, notable among these questions was a request asking users how they can easily change their Instagram email address. When I analyzed the situation. The reasons were ranging from forgotten password and account being hacked.
However one factor that actually amazed me was the discovery that many Instagram Users were registering their account making use of a 'PHONY Email'!

Change Email Address Instagram

Before you alter your Instagram email address, you need to initially check the actual email address and confirm if you still wish to go ahead. To alter your email address, follow the following steps

You could inspect and change your email in 2 ways, using the Instagram application and also via the Web.
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From the Instagram App:  
  1. Go to your Instagram Account and also tap on the 'Edit Your Profile' switch.
  2. You will see the email address you registered with under the Exclusive Details section. Make sure that this is an actual email address, if not, tap on the field and transform it.
  3. You will then get confirmation mail sent to your new email address. See to it that you open this e-mail and read the directions on it to verify your e-mail.
From the Web:
If you wish to get this done from the Instagram web address
  1. Navigate to and login to your Instagram account.
  2. Click your Profile Picture at the top right corner to access the account menu and click the Edit Account menu thing.
  3. This will take you to the Edit Profile web page. Right here you could see your e-mail address and other details pertaining to your account. Ensure that is your actual email address.
If not, change it as necessary and don’t forget to confirm the change.

Note: From the web, you will realize there are several other things you can do. E.g you can manage accessibility from 3rd party applications and alter your password.

Once you are through with your modifications, you will have to pass through the same verification process as with the Instagram app.

Important: Check out Instagram help page for any other complain as regards your Instagram account.

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