Create a New Facebook Account

Create a New Facebook Account: Do you crave to join the millions of people on the most popular social network; Facebook? It is very easy to become part of Facebook users and the most interesting part of these is that it is free for everyone and also take only few minute of your time. 

Having a Facebook account gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends far and near anywhere and at any time, you can share your recent pictures and events with family and friends and even make live video calls to them.

So how can you go about this? Follow the basic steps below to create a new Facebook account;

  • Type in the following data at the space provided
  • Your full name,
  • Email address or mobile phone number,
  • Password (it is best to use alphanumeric combination for stronger security)
  • Date of birth
  • Finally gender
  • then click “sign up” link 

By following the steps above, you have created your own new Facebook account, the next action that follows will enable you set the account to suit your desires.

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Install Facebook app 
After successfully creating your new Facebook account, it may be required to install the Facebook app on your mobile device, though this is not mandatory but it is necessary for easy access to your account and also to receive notifications. To install, you can click on the “install” link at the top of Facebook site or you can install it from the apple store. After downloading, open the app and enter your email and password.

Develop your profile
On the app, go to the settings which is below the app icon, you can synchronize different apps with your Facebook app by switching on the switches in front of each apps, for example, the contact and calendar app can synchronize with your account if it is switched on.
The next step is to update your phone contact using your Facebook account, this detect your friends on Facebook and add up their information which include phone number, birthdays and profile image to your contacts.

Hope this article has helped you create a new Facebook account, you can kindly share this with friends so they can connect with other millions of Facebook users

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