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Desktop Site Facebook: With the use of Facebook video among users these days and the video’s annoying auto play feature, I recently tried to make some modifications to my friends’ feeds available in my timeline and while struggling with this from my Facebook mobile app, I realized there are some features that are not enabled in Facebook’s mobile view until I accessed the official Facebook’s full site that I was able to actually perform the task and this was all thanks to the Google Chrome web browser, from which I was able to obtain the full, non-mobile version of Facebook on my Mobile device. 
So in today’s article I feel it is best I share my experience and new hack with users all over the world as am sure someone somewhere is struggling with this.

How to access Facebook Desktop Site

Facebook is automatically designed to redirect users based on the device he or she is using to access Facebook. So if you are accessing Facebook from a web browser using a mobile device, follow these simple steps to access Facebook’s desktop site and enjoy amazing features.
  • Start by downloading the chrome app from your application store and install it
  • After installation, Launch the Chrome app, and navigate to Facebook website. It will automatically redirect you to the website with the regular "m." appended before in the internet address. What you have to do is edit it to
  • After this, Click on the three horizontal lines on your Chrome web browser which will bring out a list of drop down options, from this list, enable the box that states "Request Desktop Computer Site" as shown in the picture below. 

  • Once you click on this, the page reloads and you will be directed to the desktop computer version rather than the mobile version.
From this website version, you can enjoy all of Facebook’s features that were not made available to you on the mobile version. I hope this article was helpful?

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