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Facebook cover photo concepts: When trying to attract more friends on Facebook in order to advertise your product faster and better, it is necessary you consider the type, design and concept of the cover picture you use on your Facebook page. We all know that picture are retained in the mind of people than long words or texts, so it compulsory to design your cover picture in a way that will capture people’s mind for a longer period and attracts them to your page.

Potential customers are usually not attracted to high quality of pictures because it is rarely noticeable, even a high-quality pictures will tend to load slower in places of low network connectivity compared with medium-sized qualities which will discourage people from checking further but that does not justify you from using a low-quality image, this may look blur and provoke viewers to turn down your page.

The text that usually accompanied cover photos is also a crucial thing to consider when choosing or designing your cover photo. It must be bold and readable to all, do not in any circumstance use script-like fonts which some may find difficult to read.

The use and mixture of colours should also be well considered both in photo background and on texts, using a dull colour for the information you intend passing is not advisable, it is better to use a bright colour which will attract everyone passing by. Then make sure you understand the concept of colour mixing, don’t just add any colour to photos, and make sure you blend in with various colours that are right.

Photo size is of topmost importance too because it determines how sharp your photo is, Facebook has standard image size for all pictures that are to be uploaded but the majority of Facebook users don’t usually follow the standard. Below are the image size guidelines recommended by Facebook;  
  • Profile picture dimension: 180 x 180 pixel
  • Cover picture dimension: 851 x 315 pixel
  • Page video dimension: 820 x 312 pixel in MP4 format, the minimum time of 20sec and 90sec at most
  • Square article pictures: 1200 x 1200 pixel. This may later shrink to 470 x 470 pixel
  • Shared link pictures: 1200 x 628 pixel but it will shrink to 484 x 252 pixel

It is of topmost importance to design your cover photo so as to attract the right set of the audience from Facebook, you can use this photo to market your goods and services because they tend to more understandable than using messages or long texts.
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Now that you have understood the concept needed to make your cover photo better, you can visit your photo editing app to resize and recolour your present cover photo or better still create a new cover photo to replace the present one. You can kindly tap the share button so as to inform your pals the ways to attract more people through your cover photo.

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