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Facebook Lite: Over the years, Facebook has moved to the top of social media platforms rank exponentially and am sure this is due to several reasons all thanks to their development team that is ever ready to add new features to the amazing social network while carrying users along in the process. A new feature that was released Was The Facebook lite application and this has been the talk of the town of recent.

What is Facebook Lite

Facebook lite is a version of Facebook available for mobile users, and it is a variation packed with great features among Facebook feature while incorporating fast page access time and low data usage.
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How to download Facebook Lite
To download the Facebook lite application, you will be required to visit the application store of your device and ones it is launched, search for the Facebook lite application using this search description "Facebook lite" and ones you locate the one credited to Facebook.inc, it should be the application on top of the search result. Download and install it on you mobile phone and ones it is installed follow the following steps to make use of it.

How to login to Facebook Lite
  • After downloading and installing the application,
  • From your device's home screen where all installed applications are situated, locate and tap on the Facebook lite application
  • Ones it launches (this is guaranteed to be fast as it uses up less memory space and requires little of this device resources), you will be revealed a page to supply your details
  • Input your Facebook login details and you will be logged right into your account
I hope this article was helpful in downloading, installing and using Facebook lite? Now you don't have to worry about your data consumption or the bad network in your location. Have fun everywhere with Facebook Lite.
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