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Facebook Login Full Site Launch: Recent statistics shows that Facebook practically has about 2 Billion Visitors monthly which shows that the social media giants are the leading platform among all social media platforms, a great credit to the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. A new trend in technology nowadays sees developers separating PC version from mobile versions of applications, which is a feature also incorporated by Facebook.

If you are a constant user of devices, you will realize that features on PC versions of apps can in no way be compared to that of mobile devices, so Facebook users who access their beloved accounts on mobile but feel that would love a taste of the full version, we will show you how to do just that in today’s article.

Easily Launch Facebook Full Site
Occasionally, it is frustrating when you hear your colleagues speaking about a Facebook feature you don’t have the slightest about on a forum simply because you use the mobile version. So, to gain access to Facebook Desktop Website on Android so that you utilize the Full website feature, here are the simple things you need to do.

Method 1: Simply add “HOME.PHP” after the Facebook URL: This is by far the simplest way to launch the desktop version of Facebook on your mobile device, this requires no technical know-how, simply append ‘Home.php’ after the Facebook URL i.e., instead of the conventional ‘https://www.facebook.com” that appears as the URL for Facebook on your device, launch Facebook by using this link ‘https://www.facebook.com/home.php” this is certain to give you the desktop version of Facebook.

Method 2: Use of the Internet Browser Setting: Google Chrome is the best Android web browser that guarantees a lot of features and accommodate several extensions to help make tasks easier for its users. To launch Facebook desktop version on your mobile using chrome, all you need to do is navigate to the Facebook website, then to the right of your chrome page, click on the three horizontal lines to reveal the settings, from the drop down option, enable the box in front of ‘Request Desktop Website.’ Once this is done, the entire page reloads and gives you the desktop version of Facebook as required.

Another amazing way is for the UC Internet browser or UC Mini Internet browser users, to access Facebook full site, all you need to do is simply disable the ‘Speed Mode, to do this follow the steps below:
  • Click on the three horizontal lines located at the bottom-right corner of the UC browser home page, as this will reveal the browser settings.
  • Locate the Speed mode, if it is in blue color as seen in the image below, it means it is enabled

  • To disable it, all you need to do is click on the speed mode, which changes the color to black as revealed below
Quite simple I guess, kindly inform us if you need our help via the remarks area below.
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