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Facebook Mobile Version: In our previous article we discussed how to use the Facebook desktop view and enjoy amazing features even on mobile. Well I was happy we were happy to help many as we received great remarks from user about how cool and effective the guide was. Recently I stumbled on a user's request while surfing the internet where someone asked how can a mobile variation of Facebook be visited Even when you access Facebook from a PC, well I thought that's worth sharing also and I hope I can help several readers with today's article as we put you through the simple steps to easily visit Facebook mobile view even from your desktop computers. 

You may wonder how & why is it required to use mobile site on computer system? Well among the biggest aspect is "less information use". Yes it's real. Comparing to desktop websites, mobile websites have less graphics and are easy to load. Exact same applies to Facebook as it ultimately saves our precious web access time and data. Here I have gathered 2 different methods you can try if you wish to use mobile versions on your PC.
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1. Use m. Mobile method.
Generally m. describes the mobile URL of any site. We will be using this on Facebook domain. Simply go to Facebook login page and add "m." prior to the website URL. Final link will appear like this - m.facebook.com
Don't add "www" prior to "m.". Simply use m.facebook.com and wait until the page is completely loaded. Using this technique, you will be redirected to android mobile version of Facebook

2. Using mbasic Mobile Version.
As like "m.", "mbasic" is another mobile version. This will supply the oldest easy format of Facebook. Now you might question how I did that. It's simple and very same as we utilized "m." in the previous technique. Merely include mbasic before site address. Last address will appear like this - mbasic.facebook.com. Again don't add "www" prior to it. This method will reroute you to the simplest layout fb format (having no extra graphics) which can definitely assist to minimize data use.

I hope this article was actually of help to someone out there, kindly share with others you don't who has this question pondering his or her mind. Thank you.
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