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Facebook Sign In | Log In | Check in: In social network contexts of this era, Sign In, Log in, Check in all refers to the same thing. It is just the difference in users’ perspective against that of the system developer. FB Sign in and FB login are very common in Facebook and they mean the same thing with the sign procedure to carry them out. 

How to sign in to Facebook | Facebook Login on Desktop version
In order to successfully login to one’s Facebook account, you are required to provide your email or Facebook username and then the steps is simple. Follow these easy steps to login to your Facebook account.
  • Navigate to Facebook’s website and to the right of the page you will see the sign in field.
  • Input your username or email address or telephone number.
  • Enter your password.
  • Once you supply these details, simply hit the 'Login' button.
If you provided the correct details for your account, the next page that loads sends you to you Facebook profile. 
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Note: Facebook itself has the easy steps to access your Facebook account which can be found in the Facebook’s Help Center that provides guidelines to a new user to assist him/ her in signing in to Facebook.

How to sign in to Facebook | Facebook Login on Mobile App

If you access your Facebook account on mobile devices, listed below are the easy steps to login your FB profile.
  • Start by launching the application on your device by simply tapping on the application’s icon
  • Once the app launches, a page with two input fields will be displayed
  • Supply your Facebook username, phone number or email address
  • Then supply your password and hit the login button
That’s the best and easiest way to login to your Facebook account, I hope this article was helpful?

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