Find A Facebook Account by Email

Find A Facebook Account by Email: With over millions of users active daily on Facebook and billions of Facebook accounts, it will be difficult to easily find Facebook friends especially with just the name of the individual because by merely searching for a Facebook user using his or her name, you will discover tonnes of other users that shares the same name. 
This gets even more complex when such user does not make use of any form of personal display picture, we then end up sending friends request to the wrong user. To avoid this, what one has to do is to try alternative methods to easily find Facebook users and one unique method you can try out is Facebook Search via email address. For those who do not know about Facebook search via e-mail. Read this guide to easily find Facebook friends with email address, at least no two users can have same email address linked to Facebook account.

Find A Facebook Account By Email

This methods goes as simple as A, B, C all you are required to do is paste the person's email in the Facebook search field, to do this follow these steps:
  • Launch Facebook.
  • Tap or click the Search box.
  • Type the e-mail address.
  • Then simply click on enter to reveal the search results.
  • Utilizing a Smart Device or Tablet.
  • From your device homepage, open Facebook. It's the blue icon with a white "F" on your home screen (iPhone/iPad) or in the app list (Android).
  • If you do not have actually Facebook installed on your gadget, you can download it for free from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Play Shop (Android)
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  • Once you launch the Facebook application, click Browse located at the top of the screen.
  • Type the email address. You'll have to type the full email as Facebook can not look for a partial e-mail address.
  • Then tap See results for your search. If the e-mail address belongs to somebody on Facebook, their profile will appear in the search results page.
  • You can search the result profile to confirm and send out friend request to include such user in your friends list. If the search returns no outcomes, it simply means the person actually used another email address for Facebook, or may have altered their privacy settings in such a way that they cannot be found via e-mail address.
Using a Computer.
  • Go to in a web internet browser. If you're not currently logged in to your account, enter your login information and click Log In.
  • Click the "Search Facebook" box located at the top of the screen.
  • Type the email address and simply wait for the search results to load.

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