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Find People on Facebook: Did you just remember your old time buddy, your one time crush from high school, or a neighbor that relocated in your hood years back, why not search for them from your Facebook account? Chances are they will have an account on Facebook with over 1 billion individuals currently online. So if you wonder how you can find these people on Facebook, follow the steps below to easily find people on Facebook

Using the Facebook Search Box

  • Since you know the name of the user, you can easily search for them from your Facebook hompage using the search field provided. 

  • Once you provide their name in the Facebook search box and tap enter, Facebook will search through its database to reveal the actual user. 

  • You will also see the profile picture of the user, to confirm if he or she is the perfect match for your search as several people share same name on Facebook
  • Click on the name of the user in the search result to visit their profile.
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Note: If the user does not appear in the Facebook search result does not imply that they are not on Facebook as several users have decided to set their profile to alter who can look for them, with this they can set their Facebook visibility to only themselves, their friends, friends of close friends or open to the general public. So for this reason, if you do not have a mutual friend with such individual and their profile is set to Just friends, you won't have the ability to discover them even in Facebook search results.

I hope this article helped you discover your friends in the Facebook search.
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