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Go live on Facebook: You have being hearing the phrase “going live on Facebook” and you wondering how that is possible, how can you go live on Facebook, worry less because this article treats a step by step procedure on how to go live on Facebook.  
It is advised to note that going live on Facebook depends on the device in use, the steps may differ in different device, this article treats going live on a mobile device and desktop but it is much easier on mobile devices compared with other devices. 

How to go live using desktop  
While surfing your Facebook account from your PC, you can go live by;
  • Clicking on “Live Video” which is at the top of the news feed
  • For viewers to know what your broadcast is about, you can write a brief description on it
  • Then click “Go Live” whenever you are ready 
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How to go live on mobile devices  
This is almost the same steps as the desktop but what differs are how the links are written, to go live on mobile devices;
  • Click “what’s on your mind?” which is at the top of the news feed
  • Select the live video icon i.e. person icon with broadcast signal on the head
  • Write a description of your broadcast, this step is optional and can be skipped
  • Click “Go Live” to start up the broadcast
During the live broadcast, you can see your viewers and their comments, you can also reply to individual comments and hide them whenever you feel like. If you don’t want a particular viewer, you can block them by tapping their profile picture beside their comment and then click “block”

You can switch between front and back cameras during the live broadcast to manage what your viewers sees, to end the live broadcast on both procedures, click “finish” or “stop”, the video recorded is automatically saved on your page or news feed for friends to view anytime.

Note that the maximum time to go live on Facebook is 30 minutes, when this time is exceeded, it automatically stop and saved.

I hope this article was helpful? Kindly share with friends to view them live.

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