How Can I Change My Birthday on Facebook

How Can I Change My Birthday on Facebook: During the process of creating an account on Facebook, you were required to type in your birthday details which include your exact day of birth, month of birth and year of birth as well. You can decide to show all your birthday details to the general public or only your friends, you can as well hide the year and only show the day and month, your decision can also be to hide everything from everybody, in this case, only you can see your birthday on Facebook. 

Maybe while filling in your birthday details on Facebook, you mistakenly filled in the wrong details and you got to know later when you are done creating an account, now you intend to change it to the original one so it won’t confuse your friends on Facebook, below are the steps to take in order to fulfil your mission;
  • Visit your Facebook page using the app preferably, you can as well use Facebook web  Click on your profile picture to go to your profile
  • From your profile, click “about” from the options under your cover picture
  • Then from the pop-up menu, select “contact and basic info”
  • Form the next page, find your down till you find the basic information, there you will find birth date, click “edit” just in front of it.
  • Then you will surely see the birth date you filled in while creating your account, here you can change it to whichever date you want
  • Then finally, click “save” to make the changes on your profile.
Now, you have successfully changed your birth date to the original date, note that changing your birth date almost often may lead to friends not believing you, you just be real and leave the real date so everyone including Facebook can wish you a happy birthday on your birthday.

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