How Change your Name on Facebook

How Change your Name on Facebook: The most popular questions on Facebook forums and blog recently is user asking if they can alter the name that appears on their Facebook profile. Well the simple answer is Yes! In today’s article we will show you the simple steps involved in changing your name on your FB profile. There are lot of reasons why people desire this, but we will permit you to actually keep those to yourselves and simply help out with the steps to instantly change FB profile name. 

Before we proceed to the steps, we need to inform you of some restrictions to changing names on Facebook.
  1. You can only use letters of the alphabet and not numbers or Symbols for your FB name.
  2. The middle name field is optional.
  3. You can only change your name once in 90 days
Having stated these conditions, let’s move straight to how you change your FB Profile name

Easy steps to Change my Name on Facebook

On Facebook Mobile: Follow this steps if you access Facebook on mobile devices
  • Go to, this redirects automatically based on user’s device
  • Click on the three horizontal lines and scroll through the drop down and click settings & privacy.
  • Then click on Account settings > General. > Name.
  • Enter your name and click Review Change.
  • Enter your password and then save the modification.
On Web/Desktop: To change Facebook name from Facebook’s Desktop site view,
  • Click the three horizontal lines on the leading right side of Facebook header and choose Settings.

  • Click on Name.
  • Enter your name as well as click on Adjustment.
  • Enter your password and hit the “save modifications” button.
That’s all, your name has been altered according to your input but note that you can only alter the name again after 90 days.
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