How do I download my Facebook Live video

How do I download my Facebook Live video: Various Facebook users wish to download a particular video or the other from Facebook solely for the purpose of reopening that video. for some factors, only known to Facebook developers, Facebook does not make it simple to find out ways to download FB videos so In today's article we will come to user's rescue with our step by step guide to saving Facebook videos 

How To Download Facebook Videos On Mac
  • Find the video in your profile or page feed
  • Once you have actually located the video, click on the video
  • Once you click on the video's play button icon, the video will pop up and you will see it along with the comments to the right of the video.
  • Now, Click on the 3 little dots in the upper right hand corner
  • You will need to click on the video and click the "Get video URL".
  • Click the Download Video Option
  • Click the download video choice and the choice to save the video will appear on your computer.
  • Select the path to save the Facebook Live video on your computer and hit save. 
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I guess that worked great right? An alternative method and the best method used by several individuals is the web option.

How to use to Download Facebook Live Videos is an awesome website that enables you to download your Facebook Live videos by simply popping in the link to the video. Sound pretty straight forward right? They even have a Google Chrome extension that permits users to directly save video clips if they access the social media platform via Google Chrome web browser. With this, you do not need to have the video link which needs if you use the extensions for Chrome. Otherwise, you are required to follow steps 1-3 above. As soon as you have the link copied you just pop it into the "insert link" at the top of the Savefrom website and they will create a download link for you. Super easy!!

Now you are all set! You now have two alternatives, you can opt to use the Facebook platform to download your video or you can utilize! In any case, you have options that work! So what do you think? Which one appears the most convenient to you as a method to download a Facebook live video? Kindly drop your comments in the field provided below and share this article with your friends.
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