How Do I Find Archived Messages on Facebook

How Do I Find Archived Messages on Facebook: Adding certain messages to your archive box on Facebook is just like adding them into another folder in order to keep them safe and at the same time organize your messages so you can reach them easily. Archive separates a message or some set of messages from other conversations, this does not mean to hide the messages, but all it does is leave them in there for future use.

In a situation where you send some of your messages into the archive box but later when you want to access it, you find it difficult to reach or locate where the archive box is, don’t raise your mind, this article will teach you how you can quickly locate your archive box and access your messages.

Note that you can access the Facebook archive messages both on Facebook web, Facebook app and also Facebook Messenger app., whichever one you use will do the job you want it to do.

For those using the Facebook web, follow the procedures below;
  • Go to Facebook web via
  • Go to your messages
  • Click “More” just at the right top corner
  • Then click “Archived” from the drop-down menu
  • The page loaded reveals your archived messages 
For those using the Facebook Messenger app
  • Open the Messenger app
  • Click the search box and type in the name of the person who sent the message you archived
  • Then select the name from the search result, it will load the messages for you directly even if it is archived.
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For those using the Facebook app, all you need to do is search the name of the individual you intend to see his/her messages on the search box, then go to the profile and select messages, this will bring out all your conversation with the individual.

Now that you’ve learnt way to find archive messages on Facebook, why not share this article with your Family and friend, you might not know who is also looking for his/her archived messages
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