How Do I Repost on Instagram

How Do I Repost on Instagram: You might have being in a situation where you intend to share or repost a picture or video from Instagram but you couldn’t due to the fact that Instagram didn’t add up a feature which can enable do so. This article will take you through various steps that will enable you to achieve your desires using basic methods.

You can actually share a photo by utilizing Facebook messenger app or sharing it through the direct Instagram message but how can you get it done when you are trying to repost or share to a large number of people at the same time? The techniques initially said can be strenuous and time taking, below are the various methods you can use to get it done within a short time.
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1) Use a reposting application
In order to repost o Instagram, there is numerous application which has been developed for this job, one of such app is the “InstaRepost”, and others may include “Repost for Instagram”, “Repost & Regram”. All these apps work similarly, so whichever one you go for, just be certain that it will do the job for you. The steps in utilizing the app to repost on Instagram is as follow;

  • After downloading it from your various device store, open it
  • Then go to your Instagram page and scroll through to locate the picture or video you want to repost
  • Click the three dots at the top right corner of the page
  • Select “copy share URL” from the pull-down menu
  • Go back to the InstaRepost app you initially opened, and then paste the URL into the box provided
  • Then, the app suggests that you either repost or save it for later utilization. So you choose whichever one you want.
2) Take a screen-capture of the post
I think this should come to mind when you are unable to install the app, it may be because your device storage is almost full and won’t support downloading and installing another app. So you can as well take a screenshot of the picture you wish to repost and then repost it manually by selecting it from your gallery of pictures. Note that while capturing your screen to repost on Instagram, it is necessary you capture along with the picture the username of the original post owner, this will act as a reference to the post and in order for you not to be accused of stealing a post.

A disadvantage of this method is that it can only be used to repost pictures, unless you are using a high tech device which can record whatever is happening on the screen, video capturing is not very common, not to talk of reposting with the method.

3) Copy-paste a message's Share URL
This method won’t actually post the picture or video on Instagram

but will help repost them on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. All you just have to do is to do exactly what you did in the first method i.e. copy the post URL but rather than posting it in a reposting app, open the writing dialogue box of another social media platform, let’s say Facebook, you edit the box that asked “what’s on your mind” and then paste the copied URL. The link immediately recognize contents, then brings out a brief line on what you actually want to post, now you can add a simply caption and then post.

I hope with any of the above methods, you can now repost your selected picture(s) into Instagram or another social media Platform entirely, you can as well try reposting this article to your friends by tapping the share button.
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