How do I share YouTube videos on Facebook

How do I share YouTube videos on Facebook: YouTube is a platform which allows upload of thousands of videos on a daily basis where anyone can come and watch, but YouTube does not allow the download of videos into device, so it can seems a bit difficult to upload a video you just watched on YouTube on your Facebook page. The only thing that can be done is to share to video link on your page so that people can follow the link back to YouTube to watch the video as well.
So, if you want to share a video (uploaded by you or anyone else) from YouTube to Facebook, below are the steps to follow;
  • Go to the YouTube page and directly to the video you wish to share
  • Select "share" which below the video
  • YouTube automatically bring out symbols of various social media platforms who supports sharing of videos, just click on the Facebook symbol 
  • Then a Facebook sharing page appears, here you can write anything about the video and set the number of those who can view it

  • Finally, click "post"

Depending on its privacy settings, your friends as well as anyone who check out your page can now click on the link which redirects them to YouTube to watch the video.
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Some may notice after sharing the video that the thumbnail is incorrect, this was due to a rush in uploading the video. Next time before you decide to share a video make sure the video is 100% loaded before you hit the play/share button. This will solve the problem of incorrect thumbnails.

I hope you have gained a lot from this article, kindly share with your friends on Facebook and other social media so they could learn how to share YouTube videos on Facebook.
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