How Do You Block Pictures on Facebook

How Do You Block Pictures on Facebook: You may have added some business contractors to your Facebook friends which a cool way to engage them which the business at hand, but there are some other businesses which you may not want them to be involved and it requires you to upload some pictures on your Facebook page, now you know they (business contractors) must not view this set of pictures, so how can you go about this? It is very simple, all you have to do is block those contractors from viewing these pictures. Facebook has made it possible to configure your privacy settings to suit what you want it to be, you can now hide anything on your profile including pictures and posts from the general public or certain set of people. 

So if you looking for a way to block your pictures from public view, below are the steps to take to get it done;
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click your name to open your profile on Facebook
  • Go to Photo to display your Facebook picture albums
  • select the gear-like icon just below the album containing the picture you wish to block
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Custom”
  • Click the arrow pointing downwards in front of “these people”
  • Then select those you wish to access your pictures from your friend’s list
  • Save changes by clicking save
You can as well block people from viewing your profile photo using the steps below;

  • Select “photos” from your profile
  • Open the profile photo album
  • Choose the set of profile photo you don’t want people to view
  • Select the view selector tool at the bottom of the pictures
  • Then click custom
  • Click “these individual”
  • Now select from your friend’s list only those you want them to view your profile picture
  • Then select the people you wish to hide your photo from in “Hide this from”
  • Click “save” to save changes
  • Repeat the steps for each photo you wish to block from general public
Note that your cover picture can be viewed by the general public by default, this cannot be hidden in anyway
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I hope you have learnt how to block pictures on Facebook, share this with your pals so they can learn from it.
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