How Do You Get Rid Of Notifications on Facebook

How Do You Get Rid Of Notifications on Facebook: Notifications is not a new thing to talk about, it has become part of hoe everyday life. We receive notifications from almost every app that is installed into our device, which is cool when we only receive it once or at most five times a day. But as soon as it becomes more, it starts to frustrates people which is exactly what Facebook does, its notification can be annoying, you tend to receive notification on every activity that occur on your page, from various comments, to friend requests to even the simplest likes, your device will get a buzz to every click on your Facebook page.

It actually requires few basic steps in order to get rid of all Facebook notifications but you could as well select the types of notification you wish to receive on your device and shut down those one that is irrelevant to you. With androids, you can turn off app notifications where all app including Facebook will become mute but this is not advisable because there are some other apps which its notification is germane, turning them off might cost you a lot.

To get rid of Facebook notification, here are the step you could follow;

  • First, you open your Facebook app on your device
  • Tap the three horizontal line at the top left corner for iPhone and top-right corner for android
  • Scroll down to look for account settings which you then tap on

  • Then tap “notifications”

  • From here, you turn off or on various options of notifications. Turn-on those you wish to receive and turn-off those you don’t wish to receive.

    And that’s all, simple isn’t it? The method is preferred to the total deactivation of notification from mobile device because with this, you have more options to choose from, you can decide to only turn-off the birthday notification or the tagging notification, and even the pages notifications can be modified to receive only specific ones. Note that some notification may not be turned off such notification includes reactions and likes on post.
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    Notifications that is received when someone else react to the post you earlier reacted to can also be turned off, this is done by going to the post, click on “edit” and then on “turn off notification”

    With the steps above, I believe you have succeeded in turning off irritating and frustrating notifications which you always receive from Facebook, kindly share this article with your pals so they can learn how it’s done also.
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