How Do You Post A Gif On Facebook?

How Do You Post A Gif On Facebook?: Gifs they say are superb, recently in social media trends, Gifs are used to express reactions to posts, comments and pictures. Facebook is the latest social media network to incorporate this feature on their platform as users can now upload GIFs in remarks which provides the best amusing action to friends on the social networking website. Facebook are now currently linked up to the Giphy database, this is the database that offers access to basically any type of GIF ever. 

GIF was produced on June 15 1987, while Steve Wilhite, the designer, was helping the publication board provider CompuServe. The GIF feature was added to Facebook as part of the celebration of GIFS’ 30th birthday where Steve Wilhite formerly stated that GIF (or Video Interchange Layout) is actually suggested to be obvious "JIF, not GIF". 
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How to Post a Gif On Facebook.  
Gifs are amazing, especially with the fact that they are actually small in file size, to add a GIF into a Facebook comment,
  • Click the comments’ field under the post, then to the right hand side of the comment box, you will see a face for emojis, then the GIF icon 

  • Click on the Gif icon to reveal several trending Gifs to choose from online above the Gifs is a search box to find for Gifs to use. 

I hope you were able to add an amazing Gif to your comment with our article?
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