How Resize Photo to Fit Instagram

How Resize Photo to Fit Instagram: Several instagram users have been complaining about how their photos fit in when they upload their pictures on Instagram, they wish to know how they can easily resize their pictures so as to fit in and look attractive as desired. So in this article, we will show you all how to Resize Photo To Fit Instagram.

Note: It should be noted that instagram wants users to post pictures in a square style, preferably 650px by 650px and they need to export the pictures at the right dimension and resolution if they actually wish to maintain the sharpness and quality of the pictures.
We will show you the steps to easily resize images in this article but if you feel you do not need to adhere to the processes listed, you can simply try out these applications “Squaready and InstaSize”. Although I do not use these apps, they are pretty good apps for resizing your pictures.
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Resize Photo To Fit Instagram
The use of Photoshop
This can be done easily, what is required of you is just the photoshop application on your PC, all you are required to do is position your picture on a 650px by 650px background, and you have the choice of including watermark to the bottom of the square. Follow these steps to easily resize your image using photoshop
  • Launch the photoshop application and click on file, create new. 
  • A pop up will be revealed to you and you can state the required size of the images in the field provided
    Then you can drag your image to the background, resize it and save on your system 
  • After this, you are free to upload your image.
That's it, these are just the few steps to easily resize your Instagram images.

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