How to access private account without following on Instagram

How to access private account without following on Instagram: Instagram is one of the world’s fastest growing social media network where users are allowed to share videos and pictures and also view other users’ picture and video. Thousands of new users are recorded on weekly basis and also, millions of pictures and video are being uploaded on a daily basis on Instagram. This alone has made the platform a very large ecosystem where people tends to relate through pictures and checking out users’ profiles.

In respect to individual user’s privacy, Instagram has offered users an opportunity to make their account private, so as to discourage people from coming to view their profile unless they plan to become a follower i.e. send a follower’s request and wait until the individual has accepted the request before you can view his/her profile. 
In a situation where you already sent out a follower request to an Instagram user who you really want to view his/her profile urgently but its taking too long to accept your request and you are trying to get a way to bypass the privacy lock and check out the profile. If this is your plight, then you have come to the right place, this article will tell you how possible it is to access a private account on Instagram without even following the person

By using the Instadp app which can be seen in various app store, you can bypass a private account display picture, the app will allow you view any display picture of any Instagram account, private or not as soon as you input the individual’s username. But note that this app does not show any other picture in the individual’s profile other than the display picture.

It is actually not possible to use any app or tool to bypass an Instagram privacy settings, this is because Instagram has made its privacy setting so strong that even the private profile is hidden from itself, so only the user can allow you access to its account, else you cannot get access. So be cautioned not to pay anyone who claims he/she can grant you access to a private Instagram account.

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