How to Advertise your Business on Instagram

How to Advertise your Business on Instagram: Large and small firms have various means of advertising their product to target audience and one of the mean include internet advertising, this may range from online search engines to apps shops to social network ads.

Instagram is a fast growing social networking media where billions of users surf on a daily basis, therefore, it is a good platform for social network ads. Placing your product advert on Instagram will attract lots of customers, so it is worth the investment.
This article teaches on the reasons for Instagram advertising, how it can done and how much it cost for various options. So let’s quickly jump into it;

Reasons for advertising on Instagram  
Like I said before, placing your business advert on a free approach may help attract valid customers but in order to attract a specific audience, you need to get acquitted with paid form of advertising on the platform. Below are the various crucial reasons you should advertise on Instagram
  1. In order to reach the target audience
  2. Get more clicks on your placed ads
  3. Grow an optimistic customer experience 
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How to Advertise on Instagram  
Adverts on Instagram uses the same system as that of all other social media network ads especially the Facebook ads. To do this, you have to follow the step below;
  • First, you have to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account since Instagram adverts uses Facebook adverting platform
  • Then make certain that your Facebook account is attach to a Facebook’s business manager
  • Add up your Instagram account to the Facebook’s business manager by inputting your Instagram username and password
  • As soon as this is done, try to establish an Instagram ad campaign by selecting from various options which is listed, they include;
    • Website click, 
    • Video views, 
    •  Reach and frequency, 
    • Website conversion, 
    • Dynamic ads, 
    • Mobile app install, 
    • Mobile app engagement. 
  • Then you determine the target audience, how long your ad should run and the budget you are contented with spending
  • Now you can publish your various kinds of Instagram ads 
 There are 4 main kinds of Instagram ads that can help users showcase their product or brands or services, they includes;
  1. Image ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Slide carousel ads
  4. Stories ads
Advertising your business on Instagram will help expand it to millions of other Instagram users and your business will go round the world which brings in more profitable sales, so what are you waiting for? Get your business to be advertised on Instagram as soon as possible and don’t forget to share this article with your real buddies, so you all can make profit together.

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