How to Block Facebook Friends

How to Block Facebook Friends: Facebook helps to connect individual user with thousands to millions of other users around the globe and also helps friends to keep up-to-date with one another, but this social network may also be used by adversaries to frustrate or mutilate users. In view of this, Facebook has made it possible and easy to block unwanted friends from Facebook, by blocking such individual, you won’t be able to see their Facebook activities and in turn, they also won’t see yours.

Blocking an individual on Facebook is an extreme action which needs to be considered vigorously before doing, you cut all ties with the individual on Facebook after blocking and may lead to missing out in their activities. If you often want to access the individual’s timeline, it is advisable to unfriend them instead.
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After long consideration, if you still intend to block an individual on Facebook, here is how it is done;
  1. Visit your Facebook profile at the top right corner
  2. Then maneuver your way to your friend’s list
  3. Search for the individual you intend to block
  4. Long click on the individual’s profile picture or name until their bio is popped up
  5. From the pop-up bio, select “friends”
  6. Then click on “report/block”, this action blocks the individual from your friend’s list
I hope this article was helpful in putting an end to adversaries’ comments on your post? You can share with real friends so you all can have a friend zone and frenemy-free Facebook. Note that you can change your decision by unblocking blocked individual if your relationship improved over time, read on “how to unblock blocked friends on Facebook
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