How to block a friend on Facebook

How to block a friend on Facebook: Some individuals on your Facebook friend’s list are like weed who are usually found where they are not wanted, they comment on discussions which literarily was not supposed to be involved and react badly to your post. Some may even go ahead to disrespect your personality in their post and then tag you so you could be aware of what they have done.

Now you are getting pissed off by their action and you don’t want this to continue, so you decided that it is time to block them from your Facebook page but you can’t find how it is done. Don’t worry much, you have visited the right place, this article will give you the basic steps to take when you want to block a friend on Facebook.
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There are two basic ways this can be achieved without totally removing them from your friend’s list, below are the methods;

Method 1
  • Maneuver your way into your Privacy settings which is at within the settings gear at the top right corner of your Facebook page
  • Then select “how to stop someone from disturbing me”
  • From the page which appears next, input in the name of the individual you want to block
  • Then click “block”
  • You have to confirm by clicking “block XXX” again to be certain you really want to block that individual.
Method 2
  • Go to the individual’s profile (the person you are intending to block)
  • Click the option button denoted by three dots at the top right corner of the page
  • Select “block”
  • Then finally, you confirm by tapping “confirm”
Now you see that it is not difficult to block friends on Facebook, you can as well unblock them whenever you want to, read on “how to unblock block friends on Facebook” to learn how that is done.

Why not share this video with your contacts so that it can help remove those unwanted friends temporarily on their friend’s list.
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