How to build collage on Instagram

How to build collage on Instagram: Instagram has now added a new feature to its app which enables users to make image collage, this feature is named “layout”. By using this add-on features, you can create a collage by adding multiple photos to make one single photo. So how is this really done? Below are the steps you have to take to build your collage on Instagram;

  • Login to your account via Instagram app, make sure you are using the latest Instagram app
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  • On your new feeds page, tap the “+” icon at the center of the bottom menu, this leads you to your gallery and photos
  • Click on the layout icon, it is rounded-edge square divided into three sections, if you are yet to install the layout add-on to your Instagram, it leads you to your app store to download it
  • After downloading it, you are automatically redirected to your Instagram account and then it pop-up tutorials in how layout can be used, simply tap “begin” to skip the tutorial if you are not interested.
  • You can now build your collage by selecting all the photos you wish to fit together
  • Select the type of layout you want to use from the list
  • Resize your photos from the edges
  • Move photos until it is positioned in the right place
  • You can as well edit the photo by tapping the edit button
  • Tap “border” to select of the list of borders to part the photos
  • Then click “save” and the newly created collage will be saved into your gallery 
  • You can now select this collage from your gallery and post it into your Instagram account.

I hope this article was helpful? You can share it with your friends so they can make a collage of you all having fun.
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