How to change email address on Facebook

How to change email address on Facebook: Email address is one of the essential requirements of signing up on Facebook, even though some users may not use the email to sign up, instead they used mobile number, but Facebook will require it soon after you complete your sign up procedures. This email is the platform where Facebook send important notifications into, notifications such as friend’s request, comment on a post, likes or reactions on a post and others are received on users email.

Though Facebook has kept its user's email address hidden, instead of showing the users email in the profile, all it shows is Facebook email address which many users don’t even realize because they hardly check their profile for email address.

Inability to receive Facebook mail can prompt users to want to make inquire of the exact email address Facebook is sending its notification and what will be seen will not be what they are expecting. The article has made it easy to change your email address on Facebook from the default Facebook email to your personal email with a step by step procedure on how it is done.

Below are the steps involved in changing your email address on Facebook

  •  Visit your Facebook account and follow through to your profile
  •  Click “About” from your profile page
  •  Scroll to email address then just in front of it, click the edit button
  •  Change the default Facebook email to your email address
  •  You can then either choose to show it on your timeline or hide it from your timeline depending on what you really want
  • Click “save” at the bottom of the page
You can also add up another email so as to receive emails in two different email accounts, here is how it is done;
  • From your Facebook page, go to settings
  • Click on “email” where you will see your present email address, 
  • Just below that, click “add another email” 
  • Enter the email into the box provided 
  • The process requires you to input your password, which you do
  • Then save the changes by clicking “save”
  • Finally, visit the email to verify the account, a confirmation link will be sent to the new email address, all you have to do is click on the link to confirm.
But you have to note that Facebook only sends notification emails to the main email account which is the first one at the general account setup. 
I hope you have to be able to change your Facebook email address with the help of this article? You can as well share this with your friends so they learn also.
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