How to Change Facebook Group Name

How to Change Facebook Group Name: Are you a Facebook user and you have being wondering how possible it is to change your Facebook Group name? Well it is very possible and this article will show you how it is done with some simple steps

Facebook is a social media platform that enable connections and communications among it users through various means such as direct messages, posting of pictures and videos, creating groups and pages etc. these groups may be created to advertise your business or to bring together various personalities under a roof so as to interact and share knowledge among one another.
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This groups should at least have a name that will reveal its purpose to anyone invited to join, so if you intend changing your Facebook group name, here are the steps to take;

  • Login into your Facebook account through the web or on Facebook app
  • From the left hand corner of the page, scroll down and choose “group” from the Explore options

  • Then you select a group you have created or a group you are a member in

  • The select more just at the bottom of the group picture

  • From the drop-down menu, select edit group settings

  • Change the group name to suit what you want

  • Then click save

And that is all, you have successfully changed your Facebook group name. Note that only admins of a group can make changes to the name of a group, so if you are just a member of the group and not an admin, you won’t be able to change the group name. You can plead with the admin to change the group name or better still add you up as admin so you can change it yourself.

Kindly share this with everyone on your group so they also can learn from this, how to change Facebook group name.

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