How to Change Facebook Password

How to Change Facebook Password: Facebook is an open system which can be accessed by anyone who owns a key into it, the key which is the password is own by individual Facebook user to access their accounts. Facebook acts as database which collects various individual’s personal information, keeping these information confidential has necessitated the use of a strong password. A weak password make the account prone to hackers who may use the account for fraudulence means. 
Whenever you thinks your Facebook account is not safe or secured enough, you can easily change your password using the steps treated below;
  • Visit your Facebook account using the password you intend to change
  • Go to the top right left corner of your page and click the “setup” icon which looks like a gear
  • Click “settings” which will lead you to your general account setups 

  • Select “edit” in front of the fourth option which is “password” 

  • Then you provide your present password in the first box labelled “current” and then your new password in the last two boxes. Note that for strong passwords, it is best to use alphanumeric combinations at different cases, for example, “Q1wS2d#a” 

  • After entering your new password, make sure the meter reads “medium” or “strong”, then click “save changes”
  • Now that your password has being reset, make sure you write it somewhere confidential, so as not to forget.

I hope this article was helpful? Note that it is advisable to change your facebook password regularly in order to have a secured account.
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