How to change your Instagram ID

How to change your Instagram ID: The Instagram ID is also known as username, it is what is shown to all other users when they are checking your account/posts. The Instagram ID can be changed at whenever you feel like and not minding the number of times. So whenever a better ID comes to your head, just login to your Instagram account as soon as you can and change it using the steps which is enumerated below; 

Note that you can change your Instagram ID from both the mobile app and from a PC via Instagram web, this article will treat how it is done in both ways.

From mobile app
  • Visit your Instagram account through your mobile app
  • Just at your home page, tap the profile icon which looks like a person
  • Tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the page to go to your account settings
  • Then select “edit profile” 

  • You will then see your present Instagram ID, click on it to edit it, erase to whole ID and enter the new ID 

  • Then finally, click “done” to save the new Instagram ID

Note again that the new ID must not have been used by any Instagram user worldwide, else, Instagram will reject it. So it’s better to get a unique ID before you decide to change the present one.
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From a PC
  • Visit the Instagram web from your favourite browser on your PC
  • Login to your Instagram account
  • Go to your profile and then to settings
  • Edit the box labelled as “username” and clear your present username

  • Enter your new ID and click the “submit” button. A green writing appears just below the submit button which states “profile saved”, if otherwise then your new ID was not accepted by Instagram.

Now that you can now change your Instagram ID at your discretion, make sure you don’t do to too often, and whenever you do it, inform your followers so they will be aware of the changes, they may decide to unfollow a strange ID found on their following list.

I hope this article was helpful in changing your Instagram ID? Why not share with family and buddies so they could learn how it is done.
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