How to Clear Activity Log on Facebook

How to Clear Activity Log on Facebook: Facebook’s record of activity log is very helpful and serve as a safety and security measure for all Facebook account holders. So at any time, customer can choose to check their past activities like posts, pictures, remarks, comments etc. Users can as well handle their Activity log settings. 
Facebook’s activity log is available on monthly or daily basis as the user prefers to get them, so users can distinctly differentiate their activities from those of friends. Also for security concerns, in cases where users’ account get hacked, you can easily erase your activity log to cancel any security fear. In this article, we will discuss how to easily locate Facebook Activity logs through the Facebook app as well as remove old task log from Facebook iPhone, iPad running on the iOS operating system.

Easy Steps to Locate/ Handle/ Erase Old activity log from Facebook application
This section of the guide covers apple iPhone and iPad users
Step 1: Easily navigate to the Facebook app and login with your Email or Mobile number and your FB Password.
Step 2: Once you are successfully logged in, click on the link that reveals more choice, from the list, you will be able to see all about your profile.
How to Clear Activity Log on Facebook
Once you are able to access your profile details, it’s time to permanently erase old task log from Facebook’s apple iPhone app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Step 3: From your profile, click on settings and select the choice with task log alternative.
Tip 4: This will reveal past FB activities on yearly, monthly or weekly basis.
Tip 5: If you wish to check with monthly records, tap on the month that you want to look up and click on it. When you see this, you can then remove or unlike the activity or just hide it from your account. 
Another amazing thing is that you can edit your past activity like unlike a previously liked message, delete a post from your timeline, cancel friend’s request or accept a previously received friend request.
Those are the easy steps to check and clear your activity log on Facebook, I hope this article was quite helpful?
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