How to connect Facebook with Instagram

How to connect Facebook with Instagram: Facebook and Instagram are different social media network with almost similar social functions, they are platforms to get connected with friends through posting and/or uploading photos and videos. The only major difference is that Facebook allows you to write out what exactly is on your mind without having to upload a photo or video while on Instagram, you will need to write whatever is on your mind as a photo or video caption. 

Since this two social media platforms are a bit similar, it is actually possible to connect them together so as to enable your Facebook friends view and also enjoys whatever you post on Instagram and vice-versa. You might be wondering how this is done, well you have come to the right place, below is how to connect your Facebook page with your Instagram account;
  • The first step to take is to visit your Instagram page and go to your profile by tapping on the middle icon below the new feeds page
  • Then tap the gear-like icon in front of your Instagram username to go to your account settings

  • From the list of options brought out, locate the “share settings” and click on it

  • From there, you will notice a grey coloured “Facebook”, simply tap the arrow in front of it

  • Then tap “share to” to simply order Instagram to link itself with your Facebook account

  • The step will only be completed after you have successfully login to your Facebook account

Now that you have successfully linked both accounts, next thing is to configure what is being posted and to where it will be posted

You can check “share likes to timeline” if you intend to share with your Facebook friends whatever you like on Instagram. But this I believe will be too bothersome to your pals because your Facebook timeline will soon be jam-packed with various likes post from Instagram.

Also, you can choose the location you wish to share your Instagram post on Facebook, this is done by clicking on the share to link, and then, you choose either timeline or page. Note that you can choose as many page as possible. 

Now that you’ve completed the configuration, just click on the Facebook icon whenever you want to post a photo or video on Instagram so it can share it with your Facebook page. 
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