How to Create an Event on Facebook

How to Create an Event on Facebook: Participants has enhanced their use of Facebook by making full use of its features, an amazing feature that has been added to Facebook now is the create events feature, with this feature, you can create events and add people to the page so they get firsthand information and reminder about the event.  
So if you wish to easily create a Facebook event and try out this feature, we’ll show you the best ways to really create a Facebook event.
How to Create an Event on Facebook
Follow the steps listed below to create your Facebook event:
  • Initially, you should log into your Facebook account if you are not currently signed in
  • After that, click on the three horizontal lines to reveal Facebook options and tap on "My Events" from the navigation bar which is on the right side of the news feed
  • Click "Create Event." Afterwards and fill in all the details for your event. Ensure these fields are accurate as they consist of the day, time, and also the event’s location.
  • You need to also add a little details about just what kind of occasion it is. Although you can edit these details, however its best to input the correct details before publishing your event. 

Once you are through with filling the event details, now is the time to add users and grant access to users, with this, you can decide if the event will be open to the public or be a private event for just a few special privileged guests. 
You have three choices pertaining to the event’s access.
  1. If the event is open, i.e. Public, Then anybody on Facebook can see the information and also add themselves to the guests’ list.
  2. If the event is closed, only certain details will be accessible to users.
  3. If the event is secret, then no one other than the individuals you add to the group will have access to any type of information even in search results, they won’t be able to access the information.
The next step is to finally create your event and selecting your visitors
  • For open events, no need to worry about inviting everyone, simply deal with the users you need at your event and leave the rest as it is quite visible and accessible to everyone
  • If it is a closed event, you will need to go to your friend’s lists and select exactly those you intend to invite, as no one will be able to access your event unless you actually send them an invite request.
  • Secret events are simply inaccessible even in search results, so this is strictly for registered participants. 
I hope this article helped you create your event with ease and you have a nice time at your event.
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