How to create a poll question on Facebook

How to create a poll question on Facebook: Engaging in different Facebook activities is of topmost importance to your performance on Facebook, the more you get engaged the more you reach out to friends and family on Facebook and also the more you get more Facebook followers and friends. One of such activities you can perform on Facebook is asking or answering a poll question with the use of images or GIF’s and this article has been designed to help you find your way through the procedures to create Poll questions on Facebook. 

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Below are the steps involved in creating a Facebook Poll question
  • Click “see all” from your Facebook home page 
  • From the drop-down menu, click “create a poll” 

  • Enter your question in the provided space labelled “Ask something” 
  • Then just below that, enter your answers in the option tabs, you can as well use images or GIF answers by clicking on either the image or GIF icon in front of each option. 

  • If you opt for the GIF answer, you can either search for a desired GIF online or add a GIF link 

  • When you are done with all options, select how long you want the poll to remain on your timeline, you can either select “never”, “a day” or “a week”.
  • Then click “Publish”

    After carefully following the above steps, your Poll question will be posted on your timeline for people to react to it by selecting their best options out of the provided answers.

    I hope this article was helpful? You can share to everyone on your timeline to help them create a poll question using images or GIF.
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