How to delete many pictures on Instagram

How to delete many pictures on Instagram: With the use of Instagram application on android phone or tablet, you can only delete one picture at a time, it is really not possible to select and delete multiple pictures for those that don’t know but this article will teach how to delete many pictures at once on Instagram. Using internet browser also won’t make it possible, even internet browser does not support deleting photos at all, it only supports uploading of pictures. 

Like I said above, it is actually possible to delete Instagram pictures by following the steps below;

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  • Then visit your Instagram profile
  • Then right-click the any of the picture you wish to delete
  • Then choose “open link in new tab” which will open the photo in another tab 
  • Repeat the 3rd and 4th procedures until you have finish opening all the pictures you want to delete on a new tap
  • Think of a unique hashtag which has not been used by anyone before, for instance #deletepicture1234567, then simply add it as comments to all the pictures in the new tabs
  • Now open your Instagram account using Instagram app, then type in the hashtag you used as comment in the search box and click “go”
  • Then the search result will display all the picture you added the hashtag, those that you want to delete
  • Simply right-click and delete the pictures from the pop-up menu

Now you have successfully deleted the pictures you don’t want on your Instagram timeline, note that any picture deleted from your Instagram cannot be retrieved again, so be very certain that the pictures you are about to delete won’t be needed again.

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