How to Delete Pictures on Facebook

How to Delete Pictures on Facebook: Millions of people uploads different picture into their Facebook account for people to view, like, react and comment, this is what makes the Facebook world fun and interesting.

This continues to be fun until you mistakenly upload a supposed to be confidential picture, then the initially interesting platform has now become hell for you, offensive comments are now flying in from various friend. You may seems scared but all you need to do is to delete the picture as quickly as possible to avoid more people to view it.
This article will teach you ways to delete picture on Facebook which include single uploaded pictures, profile picture, album and pictures that you are tagged on as soon as you notice it but what is not possible is to make those that have seen it forget about it.  
To delete single picture
  1. Go to your Facebook pictures and select the picture you wish to delete
  2. Click “options” just below the picture
  3. Select “delete this photo” from the pop-up list
  4. Then you confirm you truly want to delete by clicking “confirm”
Now that you’ve deleted the picture, your mind will be at rest, you might even be lucky that no one has viewed it before you delete it.
You can also delete your profile picture with the same techniques as that of the single picture but instead of going to your pictures, go to your profile pictures.

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To delete an album
  1. Again go to your pictures and select the album you want to delete
  2. Click settings, the gear-like icon just beside the tag button
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “delete album”
To Untag yourself from a picture
  1. Once again, go to the picture
  2. Click “tag” button
  3. Then from the drop-down menu, click “untag”
You can also make Facebook help you delete the photo you were tagged in by reporting it, read more on “how to report a Facebook photo” in order to achieve this.
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