How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay

How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay: If you are a constant user of the Facebook platform, you would have discovered that Facebook's latest release has the video Autoplay feature that allows video Autoplay on Facebook. Although this is a cool feature which we ought to have guessed after reports came out about Facebook looking into video advertising since it goes hand in hand with the video autoplay function but when you consider how annoying it is when a video sound suddenly rings out from your phone simply because someone on your timeline uploads a video. In today's guide we will show you how to turn the Facebook Autoplay feature off, both on Facebook web site and on your Facebook app for smartphones.

Facebook Video Autoplay
Everyone cannot head in same direction regarding our views, so we expect some people to prefer this feature as they might find not having to push the play button on videos in order to watch them very useful, but that doesn't suggest that everyone wants videos and adverts to play immediately as they load on our timeline because particularly for mobile apps, this function tends to use more data. Thankfully, we've discovered a way to stop videos from playing automatically. For Facebook website on PC, you can stop it from occurring all the time, while for the mobile apps (Android, iPhone and iPad) you can just turn this feature off when you are not connected to WiFi. Let's see ways to go about deleting these features.
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Video Autoplay on Facebook
To disable the Facebook autoplay feature on Android devices, kindly follow the following steps:
  • Locate and launch the Facebook application on your Android phone or Tablet.
  • Search and click on the three horizontal lines, it should be to the top right of your Facebook page
  • Scroll down to "Settings" and tap the App Settings option.
  • From the "General Settings", tap the Video Auto-play option
  • From the options available you can choose anyone

  • " Select "Off" to permanently disable the Auto-play function on Facebook for Android
  • " Select "On" to allow the feature
  • " Select "Wi-Fi only" to allow autoplay function only on Wi-Fi and disable it whenever you are not connected to Wi-Fi.
That's how easy it is to disable Facebook autoplay feature, I hope this feature was helpful.
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