How to get my Facebook URL

How to get my Facebook URL: All Facebook users has a specific link which is attached to their individual Facebook page, some may be the combination of Facebook URL and their username while some is just a series of numbers which begins with the Facebook URL. 

Regardless of what your personal Facebook URL is composed of, so far it redirect people straight to your Facebook page, it is necessary we know it and able to give it whenever and wherever it is needed. To get to know your Facebook URL requires some basics steps which are illustrated below;

  • Using someone else's device, log into the person's account
  • Search your name in the search dialogue box
  • Click on your name which leads you straight to your page
  • Select the URL box and copy the link in it
  • This link is your personal Facebook URL, you can confirm by pasting it on a new browser page and hitting go which should again lead you to your Facebook page.
You can now share the newly acquired Facebook URL with friends so they could reach your page on one tap rather than going through the long searches.
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