How To Identify Facebook profile URL

How To identify Facebook profile URL: Some people find it difficult to identify their Facebook URL and this is what is needed when you want users to locate your profile with ease or for whatever reason you may need your Facebook link. 
In this short guide, we'll put you through how you can easily locate and identify your Facebook account's URL:

How To Find Facebook URL  
Follow the steps listed below to easily detect your Facebook URL
  • Initially, ensure you are Logged in to your Facebook account, if not kindly login
  • From your Facebook's timeline, click your name which will take you to your Facebook Profile.
  • On your Facebook Profile, copy the LINK at the top I. E. the URL of the page.
Why you need your Facebook Account URL?  
Most people may wonder why go through the stress of knowing my Facebook URL, well listed below are the response to your inquiries.
  • This URL can be included in e-mails to close friends so as to easily visit your Facebook profile rather than searching for it.
  • It can serve as a component of your email signature when you send emails. 
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Can I alter my Facebook Account URL?

Most people complain about the URL stated in their Facebook account that it is not in order or something they can easily memorize. Well if you wish you can modify your Facebook account's URL with ease by following the steps listed below
  • From your profile, go to Account Settings > Username and click edit.
  • Type in a username and hit the “Save changes" button.
Important: How many times can I change my Facebook Profile LINK? You can only change your account URL once, so ensure you spell it right and it's a well thought name.

Why do we have different formats of Facebook Account LINK?
Well Facebook URL links have different formats due to the ability of users to alter their URL, for default Facebook URL, you are certain to see numbers and dots appended after the account holder's' name, but for custom URLs, it takes the form desired by the user.

I hope this article was of great help locating your Facebook URL?
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