How to Join Facebook Group

How to Join Facebook Group: A new dimension in how people use Facebook is the use of Facebook group, the Facebook group feature permits a set of FB users that shares common interest, goal or other likes to come together and interact. This group can be joined easily but that depends on the privacy nature of the group as Facebook groups are either public or private. Although I cannot tell which is private or public but I can only inform you about how you can check out certain information about the group and if it meets your interest and is open to join, you will be able to join easily with this guide.

How To Join Facebook Group
The easiest way to locate and Join a particular Facebook group is if you are aware of the name if the group, if this is the case, all you need to do is simply supply the name of the group in Facebook's search field and join if it is open.
  • Once you enter the name of the group simply Press Enter or Return and you will be given matches for your search with a range of details
  • After discovering the group, Prior to joining, it is ideal you click "View Group" to see if they're more info about the group .
  • If it looks promising and meets your expectations, Click "Join" and you're in! 
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Note: If your search is taking long and you are sure you supplied the correct details for the Facebook group you can limit the search to groups by switching the search results to groups as opposed the individual that is set as default for search results, simply check the leading top of the search results and toggle the selection from individuals or posts or any other option to group.
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