How To Log Out Of Facebook Messenger on iPhone

How To Log Out Of Facebook Messenger on iPhone: A new set of improved version of iPhone, iPhone Sixes (pronounced as 6s) and 6s Plus smart devices were recently released into the digital market by the tech giant company and as expected, a lot of users have acquired this iPhone series and takes real pleasure in the remarkable functions of the device as it incorporates brand-new features and upgrade on previous series. 
On this device, what majority of owners uses vigorously are social network applications like Facebook, Twitter and other Messaging Platforms like WhatsApp. So once you acquire your device and installs any of these applications, it definitely integrates several brand new features. In today's article we will deal with the 'Facebook Messenger' app on your iPhone, so if you recently downloaded or upgraded it, then you would have noticed it does not actually have a logout button.

How To Log Out Of Facebook Messenger on iPhone
We will discuss two working approaches to easily log out of Facebook Messenger on your iPhone series, these steps works perfectly for iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S Plus. Try them out on your device

Logout From Facebook Messenger Via Facebook App
This first technique will show you how to logout from Facebook messenger via Facebook App on your iPhone. Just follow these basic actions:
  • Initially, launch the 'Facebook app' on your iPhone but ensure that you logged in the same accounting both Facebook app and Facebook Messenger.
  • From the Facebook app, tap on "More Button" located at the bottom tab bar.
  • From the drop down list that appears, tap on Settings, then Security. From the security options, Scroll down and choose Active Sessions.

  • This will bring out a list of your active sessions where you will be able to see all the areas and devices where you have logged into your Facebook account.
  • All you need to do here is tap on login out of all sections, to simply log you out

That's all! You have now successfully logout your account from Facebook Messenger on your iPhone 6/ 6Plus/ SIX/ 6SPlus. 
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Logout from Facebook Messenger through Web Browser.
The other technique to log out requires a web browser to help you log out your account from Facebook messenger. Follow these simple steps to logout from Facebook Messenger on your iPhone.
  • Launch any web browser on your iPhone for starters
  • Navigate to Facebook, login to the exact same account on which you are logged in messenger and go to the "Facebook Settings".

  • In the Security Settings page, you will see the option that states 'Where You're Logged In', on clicking this, it will show you all your active sessions on Facebook

  • All you are required to do is simply tap on 'End All Activity' button which will stop all your active sessions and log you out of all devices

That's how to effectively log out from Facebook Messenger on your iPhone via an internet browser.

If you strictly followed either of these two techniques, it will easily help log you out from Facebook Messenger on your iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus smart device. I hope this article was helpful?
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