How to Login on Instagram

How to Login on Instagram: Instagram is a fast growing social media network where users share pictures and videos with their followers and it has also provided a platform which enables users to chat or message one another directly without a third-party views, cool right?

This article focuses on how you can login into your Instagram account for various devices. Though Instagram account login is usually automatic if you don't manually log out, but in a situation where you download a new app or you use a different browsers, it is necessary to re-login.

How to login via Facebook  
Logging in into Instagram through Facebook is very easy, all it does is detect your Facebook detail and use them to log you in to Instagram. Below are the steps to follow;
  • Follow the Instagram link:
  • On the right hand corner of the page, click "login with Facebook"
  • The process which might take up to a minute will start, it will then log you in to your Instagram account.
How to login via browser This is quite easy also but it requires the use of username and password, below are the steps to follow;
  • Visit this link:
  • Enter your username in the first box provided
  • And your password in the second box provided
  • Finally, click "login" 

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How to login via mobile app  
Depending on your mobile device, you can get Instagram mobile app from their respective stores, which in install into your mobile device. Using mobile app is faster and you tend to get notifications as soon as it's happening on your device. Below are the steps to follow;
  • Open your Instagram mobile app which takes you directly to the login page
  • Enter your username and password in the appropriate space provided
  • Click "login" 

How to login via Windows app
Just like the mobile app, Windows app can work at great speed. You can get the Windows app from the Windows store but note that this app can only run on Windows 8 and above. Below are the steps to follow;
  • Install the app into your computer system and run it
  • Enter your username in the space provided and your password just below it
  • Then tab "login" 

I hope this article has helped to login into your Instagram account through various devices, kindly share to help others out there who are finding it difficult to login.
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