How to Logout of Facebook

How to Logout of Facebook: It is very important for Facebook users to logout of their Facebook account on every public computer so as to reduce the risk of being hacked. Though most users prefer to use Facebook mobile and window application on their mobile device or PC respectively which does not require logging out but as soon as you log in through a public computer probably in a café, it is necessary to logout when you are done.

This article will teach you the basic steps to take when you want to logout your Facebook account on a public computer or on another mobile device. The steps is as follow;

Logout on a public computer
  • Click the icon that looks like an arrow pointing down at the right hand corner of your Facebook page
  • From the drop-down menu, scroll down and click “logout” 
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Logout on a mobile app
The steps are almost the same as logging out of a public computer, the only difference is the first step, instead of an arrow pointing down, you click the three horizontal bar icon, then scroll down and click log out.

I hope this article was a lot helpful? Please consider to share this article to friends so they also can avoid being hacked.

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