How to make Facebook profile private

How to make Facebook profile private: There are lots of questions circulating about how a Facebook user can actually make his/her profile private and only visible to a particular set of people. This article will supply answer to this questions as well as give you a reason to want to make your Facebook profile private. 

A Facebook user can have more than one profile on Facebook depending on the numbers of pages he/she owns. The first profile is the account profile which was set-up after creating an account on Facebook, this is the original profile of the individual which people see when they search the individual’s name on Facebook. Other Facebook profiles may include those created after creating a Facebook page, this profile only attach the individual to the page, it tells what the page is all about.
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So a Facebook user who owns over 5 pages on Facebook will have nothing less than 6 profiles which will confuse his followers and friends, so it is advisable to make some of the profiles private to avoid more confusion. Below is how to make Facebook profile private;
  • First you have to visit your Facebook account
  • Go to your account settings
  • Then go to your privacy settings
  • From there, you can choose the group you want to see your profile and those you don’t want. By clicking on friends only, those that are not your friend on Facebook will be restricted from viewing your profile.
Now your Facebook profile has being made private, it can only be accessed by only those you gave the permission to do so. If you intend to make it public again, just visit the privacy settings and change it to public.

I hope this article was helpful? Kindly share with family and friends so they could make their profile private in order not to cause confusion.
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