How to Make a Post On Instagram

In today’s article, we will treat the steps involved in making a post directly on Instagram, be it a post on your profile or a comment in response to another user’s post, we will treat how to make posts both on mobile applications and on PC, though it is advisable to use Google Chrome web browser if you wish to make posts on Instagram from your computer system.

How to Make a Post On Instagram  
Posting Images and Videos on Instagram via Mobile Application

  • If you have the Instagram app installed on your device, locate it and launch the app by tapping on the application’s icon
  • Once it launches, if you aren't logged in, enter your Instagram account's email address (or username, or contact number) and input your password.
  • Then tap +.
  • If this alternative is not available, tap the home tab, which is an house-shaped icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Then choose an upload option, in this you can choose between three alternatives
  • Library/Gallery – This automatically accesses your pictures and videos if the permission is granted to the app
  • Photo – This automatically opens the device camera for you to take a fresh picture.
  • Video – This launches an electronic camera in order to take a brand new video clip.
  • Based on your choice here, you can choose to take a new one or take from existing files.
  • When your choice is to select an image, you can choose up to 10 different photos to upload at the same time.
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  • Once you select your images, choose the filter you intend to apply to the image or video clip.
  • You can then edit this filter
  • Once you set your filter settings, you can click on NEXT
  • From here you can add caption.
  • You can also add friends to this post or images by tagging them
  • You also have the choice to reveal your location if you enable the location feature on your device..
  • All that is left is to tap on share, once it is processed, your post has been sent to your profile.
Note: If you have other social media accounts connected to your Instagram, once you share the post, it will be revealed on other social networks.

Posting Pictures as well as Video Clips on Desktop computer

The best browser for this task is Google chrome browser, so ensure you have the app and if not kindly download and install the app before you continue.

  • For Mac users without the chrome option, safari is the best option for them.
  • Ensure Google Chrome is opened up in an incognito window. If it is not already set, open it then click ⋮ in the top-right corner of the window and from the resulting drop-down menu, click New incognito window
  • Once incognito tab is enabled, click ⋮. Which will bring a drop down option
  • From this, select More devices and it will bring out a pop-up window
  • Click on Developer tools, to trigger the Developer window option.
  • Then click on the "mobile" icon.
  • After, open the Instagram site and log in your account, this will open your Instagram feed in mobile format.
  • Then click the +icon located at the bottom of the web page.
  • Select the actual photo you wish to upload.
  • Then click Open.
  • You have the choice to select a filter, to do this click the Filter tab in the lower-left side of the web page, then click the filter you wish to use, this step is optional though.
  • After this, click Next. It's a blue button located in the upper-right side of the "New Post"
  • Click the "Write a caption ..." to write a caption for your post.
  • Once you are through with the caption, you just need to click share and your image will be posted to your Instagram page directly.

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