How to post private video(s) on Facebook

How to post private video(s) on Facebook: There are lot of people who prefer their Facebook photos and videos private, all they want to do is save their images on an online platform where it can be retrieved later in the nearest future. But since friends have the opportunity to view your uploaded videos, it has restricted the type and numbers of videos being uploaded by users.

In order to make things work out for this set of Facebook users, it has now made it possible to make your photos and video private or at least only viewed by the people they want and not everyone on Facebook.

This article will illustrate how to post private videos on Facebook but will first go through how videos can be posted on Facebook for those that are new to the social media platform.

How to post video on Facebook
  • Login to your Facebook account via the mobile app or using an internet browser
  • Just at the news feed, click on the camera icon at the top
  • You can either select a video from your gallery or record a new video using the camera app linked with Facebook
  • After, write out a brief description of the video or the information you want to pass using the video in the caption box
  • Then finally, click “upload”
Now that you’ve learnt how to post a video on Facebook, it is time to learn how such videos can be made private;
  • Just at the point of posting, tap the button beside the “upload” button
  • Then a pop-up list is shown, “public” “friends” and “only me”. Choose from the list the privacy settings you want. Note that “public” will make your video visible to anyone who wish to view it, “friends” will make it visible to only those in your friend’s list and “only me” will only be visible to you.
You can as well change your mind in the future and decide to share the videos with the public, just go to the video and change the privacy settings.
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