How to retrieve forgotten password on Facebook

How to retrieve forgotten password on Facebook: When creating an account on Facebook, it mandates you to use an email account as well as a password which can be used for consecutive logins. Facebook users who always surf Facebook through a mobile app or a window app would not be required to login again after the first login because the app automatically save their login details to restore anytime they come online, but in a situation where you eventually log out from the app and you need the details to login again or you want to login through a web browser and you have forgotten your Facebook password, you have tried lots of combination and it still won’t login. This is extremely frustrating because all your personal detail exists within Facebook and/or your friends are waiting for you to chat them up on Facebook.
In this situation, all you need to do is calm down because it is very easy to retrieve your forgotten password on Facebook which this article treats. Since your Facebook is attached with an email address or phone number, then you can easily reset your Facebook password with it. Below are the steps to take in order to retrieve a forgotten password on Facebook;
  • Visit the facebook site via on your PC or web browser
  • Enter your email address in the space provided
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  • Then click “forgot password” just below the password box

  • A list of password retrieval options will then be shown, choose anyone you feel comfortable from the list
  • If you chose to use Yahoo account, a pop-up message will be shown, this leads you to logging in to your Yahoo account, and you will then be given access to reset your Facebook account via your Yahoo account.

  • If you chose to use email links, Facebook will send a unique retrieval code into the already registered email, go to your email, copy the code and paste it in the provided space on Facebook, this will enable you to reset your Facebook with a new password

  • And finally, if you chose to use a phone number, the retrieval code will be sent via SMS to your registered phone number instead of email, then you enter it into Facebook to reset your password.

Now you see that retrieving your Facebook password is very easy to go about, so next time if you or someone close to you forget his/her Facebook password, don’t panic, just follow the steps and you are done in no time. You can share this article with your contact so they could also learn the basic ways to retrieve their Facebook password.
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