How to search for a friend on Facebook

How to search for a friend on Facebook:With over 7 billion people inhabiting the surface of the earth, above a billion of them is having a Facebook account and hundreds are creating account with Facebook on a daily basis. With the numerous numbers of Facebook users, it is partially not easy to single out a friend especially in situations where there are hundreds of Facebook users using the same name.
To search for a friend on Facebook, it is essential you first establish that the person has an account on Facebook in order not to waste your precious time. Then it is better to use the Facebook web page rather than Facebook mobile app using the Facebook search box.
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By using the Facebook search dialogue box, the result can be numerous and confusing, the more feasible way to search for a friend is to use the though might be time consuming, it is more effective. Below are the steps to search for a friends on Facebook.
  • Open a web browser and go to Facebook people’s search
  • Go to the search box and enter the person’s name in details, then send by clicking the little magnifying glass icon in front of the box
  • Scroll down while checking the list of names in the result for the person you are searching for, you can align your sight with the profile pictures to check.
  • When you get to the bottom of the list and still can’t find the person you searching for, you can click “see more result” to bring out a fresh list of names
  • Once you sight the person you are looking for, click their name or profile picture to load the individual’s page
  • Since you are not logged in into your Facebook account, less information will be shown about the individual you searched for.
  • The like I said is more effective compared to the above method, by using the individual’s email address if known, will search for all the social media attached to the email including Facebook. But when the email address is not known, search for the individual’s name directly using the standard people search tools which will bring a hand full information with its results.

I hope this article has helped you search for that individual you have being looking for, kindly share with friends so as to enable themget their long lost friends.
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