How to Search Instagram

How to Search Instagram: Instagram users have increased exponentially of recent and searching for users, posts, remarks, hashtags and other things are a little complicated because of the large user base. So if you have been looking for How to Search Instagram due to the problem of its volume we will help you overcome the challenge in this article as you will easily discover just what you're seeking. For all Instagram newbies out there, read the best ways to search Instagram.

How to Search Instagram


Instagram does have a search feature popularly called look or explore but there is a little more to making use of the social network than that. To make use of this search feature, just tap the explore option, this is the magnifying glass icon and select either People, Places or Tags. Presently, these are the only three choices open up to your search but be rest assured that more are coming.
In the mobile applications, this magnifying glass will be located at the top right side of the page. There is also a search function in your Profile area with which you can select the icon in the bottom right of the screen to access the account tab. After that you see a search bar at the top. Key in a place, name or hashtag below for a list of likely profiles. You only need to enter the name of the person, business or brand you're searching for and Instagram will instantly do the search for you.

The guide above is suitable for Android, iPhone as well as the web although the structure and options might be different based on the Instagram version you have installed on your device.
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Another alternative you might wish to try out is the third party website that provides search feature for Instagram. If you have tried the web browser version of Instagram, you will realize it is not as beautiful, user friendly and suitable compared to its mobile variation. So I will implore the use of third party websites, some are much better than others yet there are a couple that appear to function well. One is Websta. A website created for social networks marketing experts to perform analytics. This website also helps to search for users on Instagram.

People uses hashtags for their pictures, so this is the best way to search for pictures, because you can use the hashtags. Hashtags function by prefixing something with '#' which is a hash. So for instance, an example of its use is for instance I went for an event and I decide to post pictures with the caption. #WeddingGuest! This informs everyone the topic of the image and also will enable the image to turn up when any individual search for Wedding Guest.

These are the few steps you can take to easily search for Instagram users!

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